ELCOFEST -“The Midwest’s BIGGEST ALL-EL Camino Show” is a unique specialty automotive event that is specifically designed to showcase the Chevrolet EL Camino and its GMC cousins!

ELCOFest is currently the largest annual event of this type in the country that is entirely centered around gathering these vehicles, their owners, and die-hard enthusiasts in one place to show off their rides, trade stories, ideas, parts, and enjoy fellowship with one another.

It’s every bit of an “ELCO-Family Reunion” like no other and this one-of-a-kind show brings attendees and their unique “car-trucks” together in a quiet and friendly, small Amish town in the Crossroads of the Midwest!

We hope to see you and yours in July!

Event Information Subject to Change without Notice

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ELCOFest '23 was AWESOME!!!

ELCOFEST ’23 -“The Midwest’s BIGGEST ALL-EL Camino Show” had entries come from all over the country from 15 states! One drove over 2,000 miles one way to visit us!!

We had attendees from: CA (1),  GA (1), IA (2), IL (15), IN (50), KY (2), LA (1), MO (3), MI (11), NY (1), OH (12), SC (1), TN (3), TX (1), and WI (1)!

At last count, there was an interesting mix of 110 Chevy El Caminos & their GMC Cousins on the Show Field and the FOR Sale Corral areas throughout the day!

Our sponsors came through with some great giveaway items for our Door Prize Raffle, and the 50/50 Raffle was over $400!

The “Show & Shine” had a great balance of some very nice trucks in a variety of style offerings…it was definitely very hard to pick the winners, even after tripling the number of awards this year! 

That amazing “EL-S 5.3” Engine & Transmission Raffle sponsored by Michael Heap went perfectly! One amazing young man with an equally amazing story was the lucky winner and took that beast home!

We couldn’t be happier with the results of this year’s show…and we’re already looking forward to ELCOFest ’24 and we hope to see you and your ELCO there!!!!

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To ALL That Made the Trip to ELCOFest '23...

Still Asking Yourself "Should I Go?"

This is a VERY SMALL sample of some of the Highlights from the Show! 

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