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Well…we did it…


Just as ELCOFEST ’23 -“The Midwest’s BIGGEST ALL-EL Camino Show” is a pretty unique deal all by itself, there aren’t many other shows like it if any, and certainly very few that did what we did!

And that is primarily thanks to Michael Heap from 150 Speed Shop and his EXTREMELY generous donation to the show by Michael and the Heap Family, with which we are able to offer the participants and attendees of this year’s show an incredible and unique opportunity to WIN a completely refreshed “LS Engine* & 4L60E Transmission” combination that we’re calling the “EL-S 5.3“!!!

He built a radical engine run cart so that everyone could see and hear (and feel) this “bad boy” run at the show! And that it did…flawlessly!

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Aaannnd The Winner IS……

What better way to cap off an amazing ELCOFest ’23 weekend than to give away that AWESOME “EL-S 5.3 Engine & Transmission built and donated by Michael Heap?

We did just that and none of us could be any happier with the way it turned out! And there’s a bit of a story to the whole thing as well.

Eli Hunt, the 19-years young man from Decatur, Indiana was the lucky winner and had just finished reassembling the engine in his ’74 El Camino about a week before the show. He’s been working on that ELCO himself since about 2019. He backed that rebuilt engine up with a manual transmission and buttoned the installation up about two days before the show. His dad was actually teaching him how to drive a manual transmission the night before they left to come out. Literally, his first trip driving a manual transmission was on the way to ELCOFest ’23!

However, his and his father’s trip to the show was not without incident. On a fuel stop on the way, he had an issue with a bent clutch linkage which prevented him from being able to get it into gear. He remedied that issue in the gas station parking lot, and resumed their trip. They arrived mid-morning, shortly before the show opened. But that’s when the previous issue with the clutch linkage resurfaced, and he was unable to get it in gear again after stopping for our “famous” Roll-In picture in front of the Round Barn! He had to be pushed off to the side and out of the way so as to not block the way in. They managed to get the rod straightened out again and he was able to find his way to a spot on the show field for the rest of the day.

He ended up being the second largest ticket buyer as he was obviously VERY determined to take that package home with him…and that paid off because that’s exactly what he did!

After a short delay after announcing the winning number, an amazing burst of excitement from the surrounding crowd rang out, and we heard someone call out they had it!

He wasn’t too sure if he’d heard the number drawn correctly, or if we’d called it correctly and had to ask! But after confirming that yes it was indeed the winning ticket, he appeared to be quite shaken and shocked and needed a bit of assistance standing for the winner’s photos and the congratulations from the Event Officials and it presented to him by the man himself, Michael Heap!

We coordinated the pickup for Sunday morning and got it pulled from the ELCO Flyer in no time thanks to Michael’s design skills, and loaded them up for their trip back home. 

We learned that they have another classic vehicle that was his grandfather’s, and the plan is to transplant the ’74’s current powerplant into that vehicle as there were some family connections with it, and intentions with that combination from the past, so it seemed to be a very fitting and wholesome plan with a heartwarming story!

The boxes that were checked for us when it came to “who it went to” were many!

We were extremely happy it went to someone with an El Camino, and someone that was going to actually use it as opposed to selling it for a profit.

It went to someone from the next younger generation of ELCO-owners coming into the hobby with a small story of adversity attached to all of it.

And…well, the first two letters of his name are “EL“…so there’s that too…that’s gotta be a sign in itself!

Folks, it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Watch the “EL-S 5.3” Engine Raffle Giveaway!

For more detailed information about the rebuild, check out  2HACKS GARAGE  YouTube Channel!

Michael from 150 Speed Shop and the guys from 2HACKS GARAGE have done an outstanding job of documenting the rebuild and have put together a few awesome videos detailing the process!

P.S.: They dubbed it “Double Secret Probation” due to the secrecy of the project at the time as they couldn’t really say what it was for just yet…

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