Event Rules


    • Event Registration Fees are NON-Refundable
    • You agree to hold harmless and release all individuals associated with this event, including the representatives of ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous, Mills Special Services, the venue property owners, event sponsors, vendors, and affiliates, from ANY and ALL liabilities resulting in property damage, personal injury, accidental death, or any other related claims and agree to attend this event at your own risk and responsibility.
    • Absolutely NO  burnouts, aggressive driving, drug use, alcohol consumption, disorderly or inappropriate conduct, threatening behavior, aggressive arguments, physical altercations, vandalism, property damage, or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated on the Event Property. Any such behavior will result in removal from the premises by security and/or law enforcement personnel, and your vehicle towed at your expense. If you arrive at the gate intoxicated, you will NOT be permitted to enter the event grounds!
    • This is intended to be a family-oriented event; therefore, respectful, responsible, and mature conduct is expected.
    • No bicycles or scooters on the Show Field around the vehicles and absolutely no pets! (Service animals permitted).
    • Do Not Touch anyone’s vehicle without the owner’s permission or invitation.
    • Maintain control  of your minor children and any minor guests you bring with you at all times and enforce event rules and good show etiquette.
    • Limited Audio System demonstrations are permitted, provided the music is considered “appropriate, neutral in nature, in good taste, and publicly acceptable”, does not adversely affect other participants in the immediate area, and does not interfere with event proceedings. Limit song playback time to 1/3 of total song length, or about 1:00 minute maximum, and infrequent sessions. That’s plenty of time to get the point across!
    • NOTICE: If you are bringing a Pop-Up Tent or similar device for shade, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to properly secure it and maintain it for wind resistance to prevent damage to anyone’s vehicle!


    • You agree that images of you, your vehicle, or their likenesses, may be used publicly for event coverage and in future promotional materials on social and other media outlets.
    • No Soliciting! No competitive commercial or organization advertising and/or solicitation during the event without prior approval unless an official Event Sponsor. (Feel free to Contact Us for event co-sponsorship opportunities).
    • ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous, its representatives, and the venue property owners reserve the right to deny entry to this event, or remove anyone from this event for any reason.
    • As a side note, please be wary of individuals or entities outside of this organization attempting to capitalize on this event. Anything you may see happening in conjunction with this Event, any lodging arrangements or “special deals” being made, etc., that are not specifically covered in detail here on this event website, on our related FB pages, or via the event update emails, are not sanctioned by this organization or to be considered part of this event, and should be  considered suspicious activity and approached with caution…do your research or contact us with any questions or concerns!
  • Show-&-Shine Judging Staff and Administrative volunteers tallying score sheets with vehicles present WILL NOT be eligible for Show-&-Shine awards.
  • Volunteer Staff performing non-Judging-related tasks (such as those that were parking staff , helping with concessions, raffles, etc.) with vehicles present can register and will be eligible for Show-&-Shine awards (and guaranteed to be considered “without special preference”!)
  • Raffle Prize winning ticket pullers will not be eligible for raffle prizes.
  • Engine Raffle Drawing is open to all vendors, sponsors, participants, and spectators with the exception of the primary show promoter, the engine provider, and their immediate family members which are NOT eligible.
  • Any adverse weather conditions will be taken into consideration during Judging and may affect expedited results.
  • Scoring or Judging Sheets will NOT be returned to participants after the show.
  • Good sportsmanship practices will be expected from all participants.

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