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Friday July 26th, 2024

“Ride to Real”

Pre-Show Meet & Greet and Dinner Cruise to “EL Camino Real #3”

What’s this about? It’s basically an Optional Pre-Show activity for Early Arrivals to the area for the Event to hang out and socialize before we get really busy on Saturday with the big show. It will also give us a great group dinner option for the evening that we can all cruise to and enjoy some great food and fellowship!

Arrive early for the Meet & Greet @ “The Barns” at your convenience and hang out. A lot of us will be there in the early afternoon doing some early setup work for Saturday’s Show.

Departure for the Cruise to dinner will be at approximately 6:00 pm EDT with arrival at the restaurant estimated at 6:45 pm.

We will go for a roughly 45-minute leisurely Cruise to a Group Dinner and Cruise-In at El Camino Real #3 Mexican Restaurant in Elkhart, IN. You can certainly meet us there if you are arriving later.

  • Meet & Greet Attendance & Dinner Cruise are Weather-Dependent.
  • The Dinner Cruise has been confirmed and scheduled with the restaurant. Please let us know before departure from “The Barns” so we can give them a rough idea of how many to expect.
  • ***IMPORTANT: The cost of meal(s) at the restaurant are NOT complimentary! Attendees joining us at the restaurant are responsible for their own food and drink costs.***

Saturday July 27th, 2024

ELCOFest ’24

9 am to 5 pm EDT

Preliminary Schedule and Show Information – Subject to Change… more information to come soon!

Roll-In, Gate, & Check-In opens at 9 am.*

Driven Vehicles: Entry to the event for Show & Shine, Display parking will be through the Main Entrance into the  primary paved parking lot of  “The Barns at Nappanee”, off of N. Arnott St., which runs North/South along  the West side of the property.

*Please do not enter the Show Field prior to 9 am.

Trailered Show Vehicles and Parts Swap Vendors will enter through the entry point on U.S. 6 at the East end of the property BEFORE 11 am.

Trailered Vehicles may be unloaded along/on the East end pathway and tow vehicles parked at/near the Northeast corner of the venue.

Please plan to arrive early enough to get unloaded and into the Roll-In line in plenty of time to avoid being a disruption to show field parking and setup!

Show & Display Vehicles should line up for entry into the lane leading to the cones by the Marshalling Station Tent beyond the East edge of the primary parking lot, and overfill into the main parking lot Roll-In Staging 1. Please follow Staff parking instructions for staging.

(See photo below).

ALL Participants will be required to sign a Release of Liability Form for admission onto the event grounds and will receive parking directions.

The desired goal is to have Show Field parking organized by Generation Year Break as much as possible. It will be dependent upon participant turnout and will likely end up parking in the order of arrival, but is subject to last minute change.

Vehicles will be positioned diagonally for display to provide “front 3/4 shot” exposure for better photographing, as well as with ample spacing around each vehicle and between rows for the setup of chairs and pop-up tents*.

*IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are bringing a Pop-Up Tent or similar device for shade, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to properly secure it and maintain it for wind resistance to prevent damage to anyone’s vehicle!



Pre-Registered: Once parked, bring your Registration Order Receipt (which will be emailed to you) to  the “Pre-Registered” Line at the Check-In Tent at the Trailer near the Show Field entrance to receive your credentials, verify payment status, and complete the registration process.

Onsite Registration: You may also register at the OnsiteRegister Here” Line at the Check-In Tent. We prefer Cash payment and onsite entry cutoff will be at 11 am*.

*If you do arrive after that, please find a STAFF Member let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We don’t want you to leave your ELCO in the parking lot if there’s room for it!

(We must have record of a paid entry fee in order for participants to receive event materials and to be eligible for Show & Shine awards.)

Upon completion of Registration you will/should:

  • Receive your “Goodie/Swag Bag”, Event Participant Decal, Dash Plaque*, and Door Prize Raffle (BLUE) Ticket.
    • *Goodie Bags, Decals, & Plaques limited to first 100 Registered entries).
– Entries based on Registration Type will also receive the following: –

“Display Only” entries will receive a Vehicle Information (Dash) Card for the Show Field. 

“Show & Shine” entries will receive:

  • Show Classification/Category designation. 
  • A Vehicle Information (Dash) Card with assigned Participant Number and Class/Category for the  Show Field.
  • A Judging Score Sheet.
    • The Score Sheet should be placed on the Windshield under the Driver’s Wiper Blade (or on the Dash if there are weather/wind issues…somewhere easily reachable by the Officials*).
      • *Note that due to staff & limitations, judges will NOT be asking for, or searching for your Score Sheet if they cannot find it and you may not be judged if it is not accessible when they come around.
    • Completely fill out your Dash Card and place it on the Driver’s side of your Dashboard as soon as you return to your vehicle.

For all Registration Types, vehicles FOR SALE will be permitted on the Show Field for an additional “Commission Fee” of $5 that will be added to the base Registration Fee.

  • Vehicles on Show Field that are For Sale must display an ELCOFest For Sale Sign.
    • The unique ELCOFest “FOR SALE” sign will be included with the additional fee, must be displayed in the windshield, and will be used as proof of purchase of the Commission Fee. No other For Sale signs will be permitted and will be required to be removed.
    • Completely fill out your ELCOFest FOR SALE Sign and place it on the Driver’s side of your Dashboard as soon as you return to your vehicle.

Parts Swap** entries will receive a Parts Swap Card for the Parts Swap area.

  • Completely fill out the Parts Swap Card and place it on or near your parts in your designated space as soon as you return to your area.
    • ** Small quantities of Used Parts Sales are permitted at the rear of your vehicle on the Show Field at no additional cost. Ask for a special (free) “Parts For Sale” sign at Check In.
    • Please limit space to width of vehicle and maximum of 4 feet depth, but it is preferred that they either be displayed in the bed of your truck, or immediately behind it, as long as it doesn’t take up much space in the common areas between the rows.

Prepare your vehicles and parts spaces for the show start time and ensure your Identification Cards are placed.

Show “Opens”  at 11 am.

Opening announcements and DJ begins music.

Additional Door Prize Raffle, Engine Giveaway Raffle, and 50/50 Drawing Ticket Sales begin, and continue throughout the day with periodic Door Prize  drawings.

Show & Shine” class judging will begin at approximately 11:30 am and will be conducted by a small but competent and experienced volunteer judging staff of Event Official(s).

Please note that the vehicle and participant must be present on the Show Field Grounds through the end of the show to receive award(s).

Awards Presentation at approximately 4 pm.

50/50 Drawing  will follow the Awards Presentation.

“EL-S1” Engine Giveaway Raffle will follow the 50/50 Drawing and wind up the day.

We ask that all Show & Shine Award Winners and Engine Raffle winner remain on site for a few minutes following the presentation in order to be photographed with their vehicles!

(If you win and want your ELCO in event coverage or possibly on next year’s Event Graphics and Shirts…you need to stick around!)

Also please feel free to hang out around the event venue afterwards to continue to socialize and further connect! We may try to plan some “unofficial” post-event activities, so don’t take off unless you really have to!


At the conclusion of the event the Exit at the Southeast corner of the Show Field will be opened for exiting traffic primarily heading Eastbound on US-6.
Exiting traffic heading Westbound should exit back through the main entrance onto Arnott Street, and proceed South to US-6. 

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