"Show & Shine" Information

Show & Shine” class judging will begin at approximately 11:30 am and will be conducted by a small but competent and experienced volunteer judging staff of Event Official(s).

Awards Presentation at approximately 4 pm.

About the “Show & Shine”:

Note that this will not be a “concourse-level” show where we look for things such as having the correct bolts in your fender…we simply do not have the staff or the time to do so, as the judges would also like to mingle and enjoy the show!

Our goal was that the process would be more of a simplified and relaxed-style lookover consisting of a somewhat brief walkaround of each vehicle. You can trust that the judging staff will be experienced enough in our specific hobby to be able to quickly determine show category finalists and award-winners. They’ll also be involved in getting you parked, so a good portion of the exterior judging of your vehicle may have already taken place before you were even parked and in position.

Specialty award considerations will likely require a second and more thorough look, so be sure to still make the effort to present your vehicle at it’s best (but don’t stress yourself out over it…remember, it’s supposed to be fun!)

It’s not uncommon for some of the awards to actually come down to the little details, even such as who’s was more thoroughly cleaned, or even down to a hood or doors that were left closed. (Obviously, any adverse weather conditions will be taken into consideration.) The judges cannot judge what they cannot see, they do not have time to chase you down to ask you to open the hood, and they will not touch your vehicle! So, please have your vehicle prepared as soon as you can manage once judging has started.

Please remember that the judges are volunteers and in the end it is all simply based on their personal opinions.

And “NO”… your truck DOES NOT have to be a “full-blown Show Vehicle” to compete for awards!

We have a lot of awards to give away and they have to go to someone!

Please note that the vehicle and participant must be present on the Show Field Grounds through the end of the show to receive award(s).

"Show & Shine" Categories and Specialty Awards

Classes & Category Awards:

“Show & Shine” Classes and Categories will be determined and assigned by an Event Official during Check In.

  • First Generation: 1959-60  (ALL): Top 3
  • Second Generation: 1964-67  (ALL): Top 3
  • Third Generation: 1968-72  (ALL): Top 3
  • Fourth Generation: 1973-77  (ALL): Top 3
  • Fifth Generation: 1978-87
    • Stock/Original/Restored (Up to 3 minor modifications*): Top 3
      • *Must have period/model-correct Stock Wheel options (i.e.: no 3rd/4th Gen/Corvette Rallies).
    • Mild/RestoMod (4-9 modifications – nothing Shaved/Molded): Top 3
    • Wild/Custom  (10+  modifications &/OR anything Shaved/Molded): Top 3
    • Choo Choo Customs*  (ALL): Top 3
      • *Must be an actual and verifiable CCC WITH the nose installed, and not just the nose bolted on  a non-CCC truck (present Recertification Label or other proof).
    • Black/Royal Knights  (ALL): Top 3
      • *Must be an actual and verifiable Knight package and not just the decal kit installed.
  • Off Road – (ALL): Top 3
  • PRO Street/Track – (ALL): Top 3 (will also include Race Prepped: Drag/Circle/Auto-X).
  • Under Construction –  (ALL):  Top 3 (must be at least partially in Primer and/or be a partially incomplete vehicle/missing parts).

Specialty Awards:

“Outstanding” in each Generation:

(Formerly “Best”; 1st-5th Gens).

“Outstanding GMC”:

(Formerly “Best”; Outstanding Sprint/Caballero of all vehicles).

“Outstanding Paint” – Sponsored by Painter’s Supply & Equipment:

(Formerly “Best”; outstanding quality Paint Job of all types including: solid, two-tone, graphics…color choice, overall theme coordination, bodywork, fit & finish, and presentation/cleanliness/detailing).

“Outstanding Engine” – Sponsored by Michigan Motorsports:

(Formerly “Best”; outstanding quality Engine Installation of all types including: installation execution, engineering, overall theme coordination, finish & detailing, and presentation/cleanliness).

“Outstanding Interior” – Sponsored by ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous:

(Formerly Best; outstanding quality Interior Installation of all types including: installation execution, engineering, overall theme coordination, finish & detailing, and presentation/cleanliness).

“Outstanding Bed” – Sponsored by Craftec Covers:

(Outstanding quality Bed presentation of all types including: installation execution, engineering, overall theme coordination, finish & detailing, and presentation/cleanliness).

“Best of Show”:

(“People’s Choice award for Best of Show”: best overall combined package out of all Show & Shine participant vehicles factoring Engine, Interior, Paint, Wheels & Tires, Suspension, etc., and considering quality of installation execution, engineering, overall theme coordination, fit & finish, detailing, and presentation/cleanliness. Any “tie-breaker” will be decided by the Event officials).

“Long Hauler – Driven” /  “Long Hauler – Trailered”:

(Distance Awards: available to all registered participants furthest traveled based on registration Zip Code used to the event location and calculated by Google Maps).

  • Each Distance Award includes a Mobil/Exxon $50 Gas Card!

  • Show-&-Shine Judging Staff and Administrative volunteers tallying score sheets with vehicles present WILL NOT be eligible for Show-&-Shine awards.
  • Volunteer Staff performing non-Judging-related tasks (such as those that were parking staff, helping with setup, concessions, raffles, etc.) with vehicles present can register and will be eligible for Show-&-Shine awards (and guaranteed to be considered “without special preference”!)
  • Raffle Prize winning ticket pullers will not be eligible for raffle prizes.
  • Engine Raffle Drawing is open to all vendors, sponsors, participants, and spectators with the exception of the primary show promoter, the engine provider, and their immediate family members which are NOT eligible.
  • Any adverse weather conditions will be taken into consideration during Judging and may affect expedited results.
  • Scoring or Judging Sheets will NOT be returned to participants after the show.
  • We do our best to continue to ensure everything with this event is conducted with the utmost integrity and fairness. Therefore, good sportsmanship practices will be expected from all participants.

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